AMA is an independent interactive entertainment developer and publisher. Founded in 2004 by the Guillemot brothers, AMA is a sister company to Ubisoft, Gameloft, Guillemot Corporation and Longtail Studios. The company started as an independent developer and publisher of Lifestyle Games & Applications for mobile phones.

I released two apps during my time spent there. AMA Are You Hot or Not, a teen-oriented dress-up game and Mystic Meg's Magic Numbers, a story-connected collection of small games related to numerology. I also did UX design for the company's WAP portals which contained all their apps and games. These were live on Telefónica ES and Sprint US carriers.

Platform: Nokia S60

Release: 2006 - 2009

Tech: In-house Java Engine (J2ME)

Developer: AMA Mobile

Website: AMA Official



Screens from Mystic Meg's Magic Numbers

gms-ama-screens01.png gms-ama-screens02.png gms-ama-screens03.png gms-ama-screens04.png gms-ama-screens05.png gms-ama-screens06.png gms-ama-screens07.png gms-ama-screens08.png gms-ama-screens09.png gms-ama-screens10.png


Project Management

The projects we were developing were rather small in scope due to the limited nature of the technology used. Protoyping was done usually with a small team design/art/programming. During this time one of my responsibilities was to coordinate with the Lead Artist and Lead Programmer to ensure the creative direction was properly implemented and deliverable according to project dates.


Game Systems

For each project it was my responsibility to deliver all design tasks including but not limited to game and level design.

Much time was also spent on maintaining proper feature documentation.


Created wireframes, menu flows and interface elements.



During the prototyping phase we would regularly run playtests to assess design iterations. The designer was responsible for organizing sessions, conducting interviews and collecting data. Each playtest was followed by reports and next steps on how to improve.



Once the game was Gold on the most powerful platform the design had to be optimized for lesser platforms. A big chunk of my production time was spend on carefully tweaking and adapting the design for each ported version of the game.